Origins of Our Company Name and Logo

Our Company Name

India's timeless spiritual culture has its basis in the Vedas - its rich heritage of spiritual traditions is carrying and spreading the essence of India's ancient wisdom to the world. There are four Vedas, the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. Among them, the Rig Veda is said to be the oldest and it is also the oldest literary heritage of mankind itself!

In one of the anecdotes in Rigveda, comes the story of Saranyu - the goddess of dawn and Clouds.

  • We, at Saranyu Technologies are rooted in the domain of Cloud Computing

Saranyu is the first wife of Surya (the Sun god). Once, Saranyu, who was unable to bear the radiance of Surya, created an entity from her shadow called Chhaya, who was instructed to act as Surya's wife in her absence.

  • For us, Saranyu represents the cloud platform and the Chhaya represents the client or the device. And we build device / cloud applications and services

Saranyu was young, beautiful, and fertile, and her name meant in Sanskrit, "flowing or stream"

  • The multimedia content has to be streamed to devices from the cloud and that is one of our core focus areas, i.e. video streaming!

Saranyu literally means 'quick, fleet or nimble'

  • Likewise, we want to be quick and nimble in our execution and delivery.

Our Company Logo

Saranyu Our Logo has our company name shown in Blue - a notion taken from the color of the Sky. The graphic around the name is outline of a Cloud. The cloud has a silver lining and that is Saranyu. We want to be the silver lining of every Cloud!

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