Our Professional Services

Saranyu will be with you from Conception to Delivery

At Saranyu, our passion for video and cloud extends much beyond creating products and solutions. We are a bunch of professionals with in depth experience in engineering video based systems & services both in embedded as well as IP video domain. Saranyu has the experience and expertise to launch your new or enhanced video services and applications. We have collectively more than 100 years of experience in video domain working across both device and infrastructure products / services

Managed Services

When the technology, execution and operations are not your core business and you would like to focus on marketing, consumer acquisition, and logistics, consider allowing Saranyu to not only architect / design and construct your video infrastructure (either over cloud or on-premise) but also operate the same for you. Saranyu's process centric approach shall ensure scalable way of building your video services and applications over on-premise, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure with assured redundancy and high availability. Contact our sales team at mkt@saranyu.in for more details on managed services.


If you already have the necessary teams to build your applications and services, but you lack expertise in architecting your video core, Saranyu can supplement your teams with our media architects

The first step in every video service creation is to clearly understand requirements, consumer expectations, user experience design, cost constraints, and RoI. Then collaboratively develop the service based on best practices. Saranyu's consulting services team will closely work with your team to ensure your video service meets the objectives both in terms of performance as well as the cost.

We also undertake program management of your video service that helps in building the comprehensive statement of work, project plan, requirements specification, design documentation, and test plans.

Media Apps & Portals Development

If you already have a performing workflow and would like to enhance your consumer experience, we can help you in building consumer facing applications and portals. This can include iOS / Android / Web 2.0 / Windows / Java applications and HTML5 / Flash based Video portals.

We will bring in new ways of designing video based applications; ensure desired navigation and best integration with your backend

We can provide custom media players with enhanced feature set and better user experience.

Bulk Video Transcoding

Saranyu has developed an optimized transcoding engine over Cloud infrastructure that can transcode your videos for multiscreen deployments in real time. It comprehensively covers all different codec formats, resolutions, bit rates, and other AV attributes.

The transcoding engine can also provide other video editing features like de-interlacing, splicing, concatenating, overlays, logo insertion, color control, subtitling and others

We can receive your videos in bulk via AWS S3, DVD, or Hard Disk and then return the transcoded videos in a convenient form. All these can be done speedily and at much lower cost than competing services