Media Platform Overview

The rapid emergence of connected devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks, Consoles, Smart TVs, Dongles and deployment of high speed IP based wireless networks like Wi-Fi & 3G/4G, have created a surging demand for media rich services & applications on 'Any Where, Any Time, Any Device' basis. This has brought up many technical challenges in management, delivery, and distribution of media as well as several business challenges in monetization and service differentiation.

In the recent past, the media delivery value chain comprised of content provider supplying content to content-aggregator / VAS provider, who in turn delivered a packaged service for deployment to service providers like ISPs, Telcos & MNOs. The consumer was at the end of value of chain receiving services from the service provider.

With the emergence of IP video, connected devices, and fast wireless networks, the traditional media delivery value chain is becoming a value circle with consumer at the centre and each player wanting to independently serve the consumer with his own content services directly, leading to Over-the-top (OTT) services. This has also brought in new eco system players like OEMs, ISVs, & App Developers who have started to build independent content based services and applications.

To address the above technical and business challenges as well as enable the media value circle players, a comprehensive media platform is required that can address the above aspects.

Saranyu's Media Platform is a hybrid Cloud based Multi-screen media (video) management, processing, delivery, distribution & monetization framework that enables our customers (media value circle players) to build, deliver and monetize innovative on-demand (VoD) & live media services and applications as well as effectively serve media services to consumers & enterprises.

Saranyu's Media Platform has been architected ground up and exploits all the advantages of Cloud and will form the core component of any media service workflow.

Media Platform Availability

Saranyu's Media Platform is available in two versions depending on the nature of media services & applications

The cloud based version is a turnkey solution suited for building multiscreen services, wherein media sources are available on the cloud or can be made available on the cloud

The on-premise version is suited for services that need transparent control in management & security, have existing server based infrastructure, or have requirements that cannot be easily met by the cloud version. This can be extended to a hybrid cloud option, to handle the peak demands for the media services by provisioning resources over a chosen public cloud along with the on-premise infrastructure.