Media Platform Highlights

Infrastructure Agnostic

The platform is built on top of an infrastructure abstraction layer that ensures that it can be ported to any cloud or on-premise infrastructure seamlessly

Optimized Cloud Resource Provisioning

The Cloud resource scheduler is a key sub-system of the platform that intelligently tracks the media consumption pattern and required cloud resources, to ensure optimal allocation of cloud resources - be it computing, bandwidth or storage. This ensures best ROI for a given media service built on top of the platform

Service Oriented Architecture

The platform incorporates service oriented architecture and hence provides seamless integration to add any new component, media processing element, new protocol, or any third party solution.

Cloud based Media Processing

The platform has a powerful cloud based transcoding engine that encodes for a specific combination of content and device, ensures best quality at low bit rates, provides choice of one-pass or two-pass encoding, and platform also has extensive support for multimedia pre/post video and image processing functions

Cloud based Media Delivery and CDN Support

The hybrid cloud provisioning provides the ability to distribute the media processing and delivery to Clouds across the globe that are closest the users and also integrate with CDNs


The platform provides a powerful RESTful API that can be used to build dynamic media flows, store/process/tag/deliver media, and manage users & accounts. The API provides ability to abstract all the media operations and orchestrate the whole work flow for a specific media service