Media Platform Features

Multi-source Ingestion

Ingest different formats, resolutions and sizes of both stored (VoD) and live content. The live content can come from IP cameras, Satellite TV, Mobile cameras and the VoD content can range from video or music clips to full length movies and large collection of videos. Supported protocols can include HTTP, FTP, and other accelerated versions for VoD and MPTS/SPTS, RTSP, RTMP, & others.

Powerful off-line or real-time Transcoding

Using platform's powerful cloud based transcoding engine, any media can be prepared for delivery to any device, with best possible quality on the device. The transcoding engine implements multi-bit rate encoding to accommodate bandwidth adaptation and also distributed encoding to reduce transcoding time

Live Streaming

Capturing live feeds, be it from satellite TV, IP cameras, HD cameras, etc. and smooth delivery of such streams to any screen is easy with the platform by creating dynamic media flows. Many such streams can be simultaneously delivered 24/7 with desired media processing for the best user experience.

Mobile Publishing & Delivery

With platform's emphasis on diverse mobile and tablet devices support, the media experience can be delivered to popular devices like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, J2ME Feature Phones and others. The optimal video experience for the user is achieved with platform’s adaptive bit rate algorithms (over RTMP, RTSP, HLS, HTTP-PD, Smooth Streaming, & DASH) and best in class native and browser based Apps. Flexible integration with multiple CDN options provides trade-offs between cost and performance.

Security & Encryption

With support for several DRM solutions (Flash Access, MS PlayReady, HLS), the platform ensures premium content security, prevents unauthorized sharing and viewing.

Smart Video URLs

Use Single Smart personalized Video URLs for each video or live stream on any device / any network. Obtain publish time information or provide usage time information about user, video, region, etc. via Smart Video URLs to personalize the video delivery

Media Store & Metadata Management

The platform provides comprehensive functionality for uploading, storing, organizing, categorizing, tagging any kind of media (both live and stored content). The platform capabilities also include efficient metadata storage for easy processing. The users, accounts, rules, and policies can also be managed equally efficiently.

Advertising and Monetization

Inherently the platform supports different ways in which Advertisements can be inserted into live or stored content streams – Logos, Tickers, Banners, Overlays, Pre/Mid/Post roll video, and many more. The platform also can seamlessly integrate with third party Ad solutions. Apart from this, platform provides support for metering, usage information, and third party billing integration

Device Apps & Players

Building feature rich custom media players (HTML5, Flash) and apps based on iOS, Android and HTML5 is easy with device side support provided. With device and platform integration, time shifting and device shifting features can be enabled.

Social Integration

The platform provides ability to tag, comment, and share any content hosted on or streamed through it. The sharing can be off-line, in real-time, to device directly or through social web via Facebook, Twitter, and others. Combined with other features, powerful user recommendations & rating for any content and campaign management can be enabled.

Usage Analytics

Obtain powerful video usage analytics based on region, device, user profile, video quality, and many other metrics for improving or enhancing video services and applications

Connected Devices

The platform can be extended to support any connected IP based media device like Connected TVs, Gaming Consoles, Digital Signages, IP set-top boxes for delivering media services to those devices.