Media Platform Architecture

Saranyu's Media Platform incorporates a Distributed Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) that is specifically architected for Cloud (IaaS) deployments. The architecture facilitates incremental adoption, greater deployment flexibility, adaptability and maintainability. It also exploits many advantages of cloud computing like distributed processing, resource sharing, distributed storage, and ubiquitous presence

The platform abstracts many of the media processing functions like ingestion, audio / video (AV) transcoding, AV pre/post processing, media delivery protocols, image processing, media search, metadata management, and many more. This obviates the need for duplication of these functions in every media service or application

All these functions are implemented as loosely coupled low level services that interact with each other and can be composed to form higher level services and eventually the complete user level media services and applications. The low level services interact over a distributed messaging framework and hence the services can be distributed over multiple infrastructures. Also, the low level services can be dynamically added and can also be third party implementations

The above architectural features ensure that the overall user level media service or application can be flexibly implemented over private, public, or hybrid cloud / on-premise options

To facilitate easy implementation and integration of any media service or application, the platform provides a powerful RESTful API which can be utilized to orchestrate the required workflow and business rules of the media service or application

Media Platform Architecture Diagram