Saranyu's Media Platform Highlights

Multi-Source Ingestion

Easily upload video of different formats & sizes (single / bulk) via HTTP/FTP/S3/DVD and also ingest live content from camera, satellite & mobile.

Real Time Transcoding

Perform Cloud based multi-bit rate, intelligent, and real time encoding with advanced media processing functions.

Mobile Publishing and Delivery

Support adaptive VoD/Live streaming with multiple protocols (HLS, RTMP, RTSP, PD, ...) and multi CDN delivery.

Security & Encryption

Protect premium content with several industry standard DRMs (Flash Access, Playready, Marlin, HLS) and signed URLs with auto expiry.

Smart Video URLs

Use unique smart personalized video URLs for every video on any device & any network powered by device / browser detection.

REST based API

Use powerful RESTful APIs that can be used to build dynamic media work flows and to easily integrate into existing workflows.

Meta Data, Search & Discovery:

Tag Media (manual / auto) with as many tags to enhance video search and discovery.

Powerful Video Analytics

Obtain powerful video usage analytics based on region, device, user profile, video quality, and many other metrics.

Device Apps & Player

Build great user experience with Saranyu's enhanced Flash & HTML5 Player as well as players on Android & J2ME devices.

Player - For Every Device


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